Antwerp Ship Repair

3D web-interface representation of the Antwerp Ship Repair dry docks, specifications and crane locations in the Antwerp harbor.

Dagen zonder vlees

Dagen Zonder Vlees is a campaign started by Alexia Leysen, a 23 year old student at the school of Arts in Maastricht . Her idea is to convince people to eat less or absolutely no meat in the 40 days before Easter and thus to reduce their ecological footprint. In 2011 she launched the same campaign through Facebook. Thousands took the challenge…let’s see what this year brings !

Lisewike was asked to design the website and a new logo for the campaign.

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Concept Interiors

Concept Interiors is ready to take the Belgian home decoration market by storm. Are you in for a small or big change in your interior ? Why not contact them and see what they can do for you…

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Annelies A.A. Vanbelle

Annelies Vanbelle is a well respected Belgian author, journalist, columnist and lyrical artist at heart. Her books about the ups and downs and the troubles encountered in fading or dying relations between people have certainly set people thinking…including yours truly… : )

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Vandecruys NV

Ward Vandecruys takes care of mergers and acquisitions and has been doing this since 1987. He’s a big fan of KISS (not the rock band, although maybe I should ask him…) and wanted a website he could easily update himself. I presented him this website, based on the WordPress CMS. Safe to say he likes it !

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Lieven DPM

Lieven DPM, a Belgian freelance photographer and a personal friend of mine, wanted a minimal website to display his work and attract new clients.

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RXR pro-minis is a European trade mark which was founded in 2008.

Their vision is to become and remain a key player in the world market of dirtbike manufacturing. They will make this happen by means of delivering outstanding quality, providing the best service as possible and being a company with an innovating mind…

RXR provides dirtbikes, dirtbike parts and relevant tools, all of high quality and for competitive prices .

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La Maitresse Du Pirate

Lisewike was asked to make the website for La Maîtresse du Pirate, an exclusive “BDSM-cabinet of desire”. After meeting the charming Fleur Pierets, the woman behind LMPD, I could do nothing more than just listen and do it ! : )

You will encounter no dark corners or extreme activities though, only stylish settings and events that will arouse your powers of imagination. Their services and products are made to measure, always combining class and eroticism. La Maîtresse du Pirate puts an end to the old prejudices that condemn BDSM to the margins of society, by creating an environment that allows everyone to be whoever they want to be, heads held high.

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Shelbourne France

Founded in 2002, SHELBOURNE France SAR has been growing it’s activity in various sectors of property development, such as mixed residential and commercial investments, residential tourism and housing estate servicing.

Their principal region of activity is in south west France, specifically in Poitou-Charentes and the Aquitaine.

For each development project they surround themselves with qualified professional teams highly specialized in the property development sector. They intervene at each step of the development to ensure a successful completion of each project.

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